5 Facts About the Black Mouth Cur

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Black Mouth CurThe Black Mouth Cur is a dog breed that originated from the Southern United States and was generally used for hunting and as a cattle dog. It’s a medium-sized dog breed usually around 16 inches tall, weighing between 40 to 80 pounds. The lifespan of this breed is around 12 to 18 years.

Read on to find out 5 facts about Black Mouth Cur and see if this breed group could be the one for you.

Black Mouth Cur Photos

Black Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth Cur PuppiesBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth CurBlack Mouth Cur

1. Black Mouth Cur is multi-talented

The Black Mouth Cur has many talents. As a working dog, she is used primarily as a herding dog but is also used to hunt, guard, and she even dabbles in man trailing and search and rescue.

The ability of this breed type to adapt to work in such a variety of activities makes her the perfect dog for a farm or ranch.

Not only is she a great worker, but she is also an excellent companion dog who bonds strongly with her owner. She can fit in well with a family providing she gets the exercise she needs.

2. She needs an outdoor space for exercise and barking

Born and bred outdoors, the Black Mouth Cur loves to be outside. She won’t do well in an apartment setting; a house with a spacious garden to run and play in is best for her.

She is a medium-high energy dog who needs at least one hour of vigorous exercise a day, whether it is a brisk walk on the leash or off-leash running and playing in the park.

She also makes a great jogging partner, so you can get into shape with her by your side.

mouth cur dog in the forest

3. She is protective – and famous for it!

Ever seen the tearjerker Disney movie Old Yeller? If not, let me fill you in:

Based on the book of the same name by Fred Gipson, the story revolves around a young boy and a stray dog in post-Civil War Texas.

The dog in question is based on none other than the Black Mouth Curs, whose fearlessness and loyalty to his owners is unyielding – he saves the family from many attacks by wild animals and even gets injured in the process.

This story truly captures the essence of the Black Mouth Cur. She is indeed blessed with fierce loyalty and courage and often has a strong bond with her family. She is gentle and loving, especially with children, and will protect you from any danger that may befall you.

4. High intelligence is what Black Mouth Cur is loved for

Southern Cur DogShe is incredibly smart. She can learn commands quickly, and this makes them easy to train.

As she is intelligent, she can bore easily, so too much repetition can lead her attention to wander onto something more interesting. Try to keep the sessions short and varied and use lots of positive reinforcement.

A word of warning, however: the Black Mouth Cur puppy needs a firm, confident leader who is in control. If you don’t assert yourself with her, she will quite happily assume the role of pack leader, which can lead to unwanted behavior.

Make sure you set rules from the word go and maintain them consistently. If she’s not allowed on the sofa or you don’t want her to jump up at you, don’t ever make an exception. Even if that little puppy face looks so cute and you can’t resist, you’ll regret it later on!

Check out how responsive and obedient this Black-Mouth Cur is on just day 6 of training and his first day off leash:

5. She has long life span and healthy life

As mentioned above the Black Mouth Cur has a life span of up to 18 years, which is much longer than average for a medium to large breed type dog, with a life span of up to 12 or 13 years. So if you’re thinking of owning this purebred breed type, she is likely to bless you with many years of companionship.

Also, as she is often used as a working breed, breeders have taken care that, genetically, she is up to the job. This means she is generally a very healthy dog.

Having said that, it is still worth being aware of some of the health concerns that have been identified in the Black Mouth Cur to better care for your dog.

Potential Health Problems of a Black Mouth Cur

  • Ear infections
  • Eye problems
  • Mange
  • Epilepsy
  • Skeletal problems

Black Mouth Cur Breeders

As always, it is important to find a reputable breeder in order to get a Black Mouth Cur puppy who will live a long and healthy life. A responsible breeder will be able to show you all the paperwork for the dog, including the history of the puppy’s parents and her vaccinations.

Here are just a few reputable cur breeders:

The average price for a Black Mouth Cur puppy is between $300 – 350. Alternatively, if you’d like an adult Black Mouth Cur, many rescue centers that have this breed all over the US.


Isn’t the Black Mouth Cur a little genius? She is adaptable, protective, intelligent, healthy, easy to train and gentle with children. What more could you want?

She does need an active lifestyle and flourishes if you give her a job. Are you ready for an Old Yeller?

What do you think of the Black Mouth Cur? Share your story and comment below!

24 replies on “5 Facts About the Black Mouth Cur”

  • Barbara Bumpus says:

    I have recently adopted a Blackmouth Cur and this is the best all around dog I have ever had. I can’t believe that she has all of these fine traits. I have owned approximately 15 dogs and though they all possessed fine traits, they had problem areas.
    If I get another dog it will be another BMC.

  • Stacy Enriquez says:

    We just adopted 2 Black Mouth Curs. They are 7 months old and are wonderful dogs. Looking forward to many years with them.

  • Sue Schlesinger says:

    We recently adopted what we told was a Yellow Lab Mix, but after watching him and searching the web, the temperament, size, etc. we think our dog is a black-mouth cur. He runs like the wind and has a great nose to find critters in the yard. These dogs are known to need lots of exercise and very protective. I found this page thru a web search. Nice informative page about this breed type.

  • Brenda says:

    I love my black mouth cur he is 6 months old and very intelligent. Loyal and loving puppy

  • Steve Burnett says:

    Curs are all that and more! Way too smart for her own good is Xanadu! (RUSH song). and they typically have two speeds, wide open and dead asleep! Give them space to run, and they are the happiest dogs on Earth.

    I don’t care if she is a goober, she’s MY goober!

  • Tricia Jenkins says:

    My 6 year old Black Mouth Cur/yellow lab was just put down due to a virus infection. I am absolutely devastated. I know that once I get thru this grieving period I will want t o rescue or adopt another one. Do you have adult (2 to 6 year old ) dogs that have been surrendered by former owner? I have always had a dog and my life is incomplete without one.

    Tricia Jenkins
    [email protected]

  • Macy says:

    I have a male German Shepard black-mouth cur. He is amazing with my kids and is very protective. I have trained him to help me when I have a seizure. He is the best dog I’ve ever owned.

  • Mandy says:

    I adopted a blackmouth cur when he was 8 weeks old and he is very mean and has been aggressive from the start. He never wanted to be held so I would sit with him and pet him. Still he is mean and aggressive to our other dogs.

  • Larry woodruff says:

    We have 3 , 2 girl curs 1 boy . Just turned 2 , best dogs We’ve ever owned or been around , all these traits present,

  • Megan Thompson says:

    My cur is DUKE. He is a loving child for my husband and I. We are completely in love with him.

  • Aaron says:

    We have a BMC and he is awesome! Jameson is his name. He is so smart.

  • jen morrison says:

    I have 2 BMC’s and they are Fabulous dogs. Very loving and loyal. Will easily see owner as the alpha if the owner is consistent. Also very protective. .Territorial of their yard and their humans.

  • fran farrell says:

    I rescued a Black Mouthed Cur about a year ago. She’s estimated to be about 4 years old. As all data confirms, she’s smart, sweet, gentle and runs like the wind. We live near a forest in northern AZ and hike the trails everyday. When I take her to a field, she runs and runs and runs. Off leash she will pursue deer and javelina, but always returns when I call.

    She is a joy and and so well-behaved. She likes everyone and loves cats.

  • Krystyna says:

    I just rescued a black mouth cur that was abandoned. After just 2 days I can tell she is going to be an amazing companion !!
    I would love to know more about her , she was born on Dec 1, 2017. Does anyone know of a litter born at that time in or around Mississippi ?

  • Thomas R Armil says:

    Please help me locate a Black Mouthed Cur puppy, male

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi Thomas,
      There are few Black Mouth Cur breeders mentioned in this article. Please have a look and contact them directly.

      • Joel ibarra says:

        Hi I am a black mouth Breeder, I breed a line of BMC ( black mouth of the south) there are 3 main lines off BMC, JD Howard line, L.H Ladner line, and the big ticket Texas BMC, and the dog that made the Texas dog is weatherford ben, the carnathan howard line is breed from the J.d howard line. the difference in the lines are color, weight, height and what the breeder hunt if you hunt big game the BMC will be on the big side if you are a coon and squirrel hunter the will be smaller, in size but still have a gritty good hunting BMC, what makes the BMC are the traits that the old breeds look for silent hunter, the use of all there senses on the hunt eyes ears smell, there is so much more that they do if you use the BMC for what he is intended to do, the woods is his kingdom!!!! Best dog ever

  • Amanda Yelverton says:

    We have 2 Givens Black Mouth Curs! Shannon is an amazing breeder and knows her dogs! Her kennels are far and away the best I have ever seen! She loves each of her dogs and they are all family. She has a passion and a multitude of knowledge that she willingly shares.

  • Matt says:

    How can you not include Ladner in reputable breeder section? L.H. Ladner only wrote the breed standard for the N.K.C.

  • Doug Fruge says:

    Probably the most famous and most versatile of the black mouth line come out of the Ladner kennels in Mississippi. I own two black mouth curs both have their own individual job. My male is a great squirrel and coon dog that will track wounded deer and play fetch with the grand kids. My female is a jam up blood tracker that will also tree game. They adapt to the tasks at hand and will be protecting of their families to the death.

  • Jules J Pitsker says:

    We are on our third Black-Mouth Cur.
    They are wonderful dogs; strong, spirited, instinctive hunters, workers and tree-ers.
    They can also be mischievous and quite sensitive!
    If you want a companion (not a pet) that will share work and play all day long, every day consistently, then this may be the dog for you.
    Perfect if you farm, hunt, run or hike on a daily basis.
    They will tend to become depressed without rigorous exercise and work.
    Out of all the many dogs I have owned, none have been tuned to my frequency like the mighty Black-Mouth Cur.

  • Alison says:

    Great article. We adopted 2 Alabama black mouth curs sisters 8 years ago. They are kind and loving and too smart for their own good!! Funny thing is, one loves to run and jump and the other is a couch potato. I would recommend this dog breed to anyone and plan on adopting more in the future.

  • Dana C Keith says:

    My husband and I adopted a Black Mouth Cur a year ago. Lucy (sometimes we call her Lucy-fer because she can get in a little trouble) is the BEST dog! We love that dog so much, it’s ridiculous! She is a dwarf, so she’s had surgery on her front leg (we still have to have the other leg corrected) but her little legs just make her THAT much cuter. She is so smart and fiercely protective. We’ve enlisted the help of a trainer to help with her aggressiveness toward strangers. She’s doing great.

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