Chorkie (Chihuahua Yorkie Mix) breed review and 13 pictures

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Chihuahua Yorkie MixThe Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is a cross of a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Chorkie. It’s a small dog breed at about 6 to 9 inches tall, weighing between 8 to 15 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 15 years.

Take a few minutes to see what Chorkies need in order to thrive, before deciding to buy or adopt such a dog.

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You Can’t Know What Your Chorkie Will Look Like

Chorkies usually have beautiful looks, but no one can predict what a puppy will be like as an adult. This is a common problem among crossbreeds, as parents have different characteristics and puppies can inherit any of them. A Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is a crossbreed between a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. This generates a range of possibilities when it comes to puppies’ future appearance.


The coat of a Chorkie is generally thick, fluffy, and soft. The length depends on the coat of her Chihuahua parent.

Chorkie coat colors

They can inherit any combination of black, brown, dark red, white, and grey.


Depending on the parent’s traits she inherits, your future dog can have large or short ears. Their shape will also vary between rounded or triangular.

Height and Weight of a Chorkie

They can be tall (like the Chihuahua) or short (like the Yorkie).

What you can be sure about, though, is the size of your Chorkie. As mentioned above these dogs are small, the average weight is between 8 and 15 pounds (3.6 – 6.8 kg) and is 6-9 inches tall (15-23 cm).

You Must Start Training your Chorkie ASAP

A Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is intelligent, and you can train her easily, as long as you start when she’s still a puppy. If you wait too long, there’s a high chance she’ll grow into a stubborn dog that doesn’t like rules. You should focus on potty training from her first days.

Don’t give her time to make potty habits around your house, otherwise, training will be more difficult. Use positive reinforcement, and be patient, as small dogs have small bladders and it takes time for them to learn how to control their instincts.

Obedience training and early socialization are also recommended, as they teach your dog to behave around people and other animals. If you have an untrained adult Chorkie, you’ll probably you’ll need professional help to teach her good manners.

Chorkie is a Good Watchdog

Both the Chihuahua and the Yorkie have great watchdog abilities, so your Chorkie will bark every time a stranger comes near your house. These dogs can inherit the Chihuahua’s barking habit, which can sometimes be annoying, but you can control this behavior with proper training.

They also tend to challenge other animals, if they feel they might be in danger, so always keep an eye on your Chorkie when you’re outside, to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Chorkies Are Good Friends For Busy Owners

Chihuahua Yorkie Mix exercise needsOr for the lazy ones. They only shed a small amount of hair, require moderate grooming, and don’t need too much exercise.

A Chihuahua Yorkie Mix is suitable for apartments and indoor life, as your Chorkie will prefer a nice playpen where she can feel safe, playing with her favorite toys, instead of a big yard.

However, this doesn’t mean you should keep your dog locked up all day. She needs to move around the house a lot to burn off her energy.

A 20-minute walk, twice a day, and a play session indoors is all they need to stay in good shape. If this is still too much for you, then don’t get a Chorkie, as lack of movement can cause obesity and other health issues related to excess weight.

Grooming is usually easy, as with most small dogs:

  • brush her coat once or twice a week;
  • trim her nails every two weeks;
  • keep her clean. Chorkie tends to get dirty fast, so you should wash her regularly. However, bathing too often can cause skin allergies, so whenever it’s possible, clean her with a wet cloth instead;
  • brush her teeth 2-3 times a week.

Chorkie Isn’t Suitable for Families with Small Kids

Chorkies are playful, loyal, and always ready to protect their human families, but they have sensitive paws and tiny bodies, so you should watch them closely when small children are around. Kids tend to treat small dogs like toys, and this can be dangerous for your little friend.

Furthermore, these dogs like to be the center of attention, so they do well with older children as opposed to younger ones.


I think Chorkie can be a good companion for both single people and families. As long as you’re ready to train her properly and give her the attention she needs, she’ll thrive in any house, no matter how small.

I’d like to know your opinion about these dogs. Do you have a Chorkie, or are you planning to get one in the future? Let us know about your plans in a comment below.

27 replies on “Chorkie (Chihuahua Yorkie Mix) breed review and 13 pictures”

  • Joey Chin says:

    I have a male short hair brindle Chorkie. We got him at 8 weeks old and he is now 13 weeks old. We have had a lot of luck training to sit, lay down, speak and fetch. Heel is a bit harder but he does pretty well considering his age. We play with him keeping him exercised indoors as best we can, but bad weather has kept us from going outside as much as we’d like. He was pad trained and we are having trouble getting him to go potty outside or even to alert us when he has to go. We’re taking him out regular but he doesn’t do anything aside from urinate unless it’s first thing in the morning. Is this normal?

    • Chris says:

      You have to be persistent and stay out there at least 15mins or longer for them to go poop. The way how I know my pup needs to go is when his Tail is still up. I tell my dog he has to poop. Sounds strange but he ends up listening and going number two.

  • Vicky says:

    My Chorkie is tiny 0.25km! (At 6 weeks)White with black ears and stripe on back. Long soft fine coat. Warning: do not vaccinate too soon. As they are sensitive pups. They are best left until 8 weeks old. Mine nearly died doing it too soon. Recovered well. Is now 3km. Eats well barks hugely but nervous of strangers. I adore him.

  • Tracy says:

    I have one muffin 6 weeks she is going to get shots very smart dogs .I love him keeps me going

  • Cindy L. McCollum says:

    Chorkie black puppy with curly wavey hair looks like a poodle puppy.What can I expect the puppy’s hair to look like full grown.All 5he puppies of this liter have very soft hair

  • Becky Hoekstra & Pepper says:

    My Chorkie is a male and 10 years old. Yes Pepper is protective of me and a few times that someone has come mainly my Brother gets a bark from him. Otherwise he is a good dog.

  • Barbara says:

    I took i my lttle love Zoe. Her mom and sibling all died soon after birth. We think they may have had anti freeze. Zoe was the runt and didnt nurse . THANK GOD!!! she was bottle fed and is doing great now. My question is we are having a very hard time potty traing her ie pads walks and still chooses to potty in the apt . Any suggestions? We just love her but its yukky when you step in something first thing in the morning . Thanks to all Barbara. Oh also due to know siblings she is socialized to other animals . Any ideas?


  • Mia says:

    My princess, a Chorkie is 1 year and 4 months. As a pup she had short fur now it is longer. She has a mix of brown and black. Not too nice with strangers, very protective of mommy. Loves kids specially my 2 year old nephew and his brother who is one. They can do do anything to her and all she does is give them kisses.

  • Megan says:

    My little Chorkie Lincoln is just over a year old. He’s such a sweety and needs all the attention! He has long, wavy, soft black hair, except halfway down his back it turns grey. He’s also got brown paws and a brown belly. I think he looks like a bear cub, or a scruffy yorkie haha. I have to make sure I do brush him every couple days or he gets dreads. He barks a lot, but only at strangers, he loves to play with other dogs, and My chorkie is the best cuddler!

  • Sharon says:

    My Chorkie is almost 3 years old and is such an amazing little dog. I have 4 grandchildren and he adores them. He gets so excited when they visit which is often. By the way his name is chorkie.

  • Kim says:

    My chorkie is 3 almost 4! Her name is Biscuit! She’s my baby. Very small but fast! Looks more like a Yorkie, brown n black and furry! She’s very protective of me, her mom! She very playful. Loves to chase lizzards and be outside! She not big on small children for I didn’t have any when I got her. My children are grown. I’ve had her since 8 weeks. I first trained her on potty pads and now she goes outside. She loves her walks. And loves big dogs!! She’s the best friend a person can have! Very loyal, always happy to see me, never talks back, and she gives lots of licks, kisses!!

  • Chloe says:

    We have a 2 1/2 year -old male Chorkie that was rescued from a kill shelter in Texas. We have had him for a year. He is the BEST dog. He came to us potty trained. He is sweet, lovable and a cuddle-bug. We have had a number of pure bred terrier’s over the years and he is by far the best dog we have ever owned. Not an excessive barker, loves my other dogs, ignores my cats and minds like a champ. He does take a bit to warm up to strangers, but once he does, they are friends for life.

  • S Price says:

    Our chorkie, Elsie or LC (little chorkie!) is 8yo and 7 lbs of love! She is the smallest of our three dogs but she’s the boss and is not afraid to put the big dogs in their place. She loves to go where I go, she is a perfect lap dog and wonderful little companion. She loves to be outside playing or inside laying in the sun. She was not the easiest to potty train and occasionally will sneak off to poop inside, especially if it’s rainy or cold outside!

  • Cecile says:

    I just received an 8 week old Chorkie. going to the vet end of the week I don’t know what food to put him on or how often to feed him?

  • Ching says:

    My friend at work give me a chorkie today and his 7 weeks old only. What should I need to do first? Should I need to start training him for potty? What is the best food for Chorkie? What is the best treat for him? Please help and give an advice what is best way?

  • Chris says:

    My Chorkie weighs 18 pounds, he’s not fat, just big, does anybody else have a Chorkie of similar size?

  • Huni says:

    I have a 2yr old chorkie she is white with light brown ears her name is Cinamon..she is super friendly and well trained she literally acts like my child…very intelligent i speak another language and she understands me ive had her since 5mths..very loving also she is 7lbs now

  • Kelcey McKinley says:

    I got a 3-6 month old puppy (we are not sure of the age) from the shelter and I believe she is a chorkie, since she looks and acts like one according to all the blogs I read. Shes not keen on barking but she is stubborn and I’m a little upset that I couldn’t get her when she was younger so training would be easier. Either way, she is the perfect lap dog and doesn’t let me leave a room by myself lol I adore her!

  • Juanita says:

    I have a young female Chorkie that was born on the first of the year, my husband and I bought her from a friend for $200, she was the only female in the litter and the runt. The original plan was getting her for our soon to be 6yr old daughter who named the puppy Sally Sue. Sally kinda became all of ours, I’d have to say probably the 4-5th smartest dog I’ve ever owned, training her was and still is a breeze for us. She knows what rooms of our house she is not a loud in and she knows what rooms are hers lol. My daughter and little Sally Sue are the best of friends, Sally will jump on my daughters lap buckle in with her on her big wheels and ride all day. I’m very happy we made the decision to get the dog, she is a part of our small family and my daughter and her gets to grow together. And me personally, I can’t wait for her to hit her second heat cause then it’s breeding time, I know right now is still too early to start looking for a potential mate but I’m so excited and I think it would be smart to have a stud picked out sooner than right before. I’d like the stud to be toy Yorkie with the long hair, color maybe the black with blonde look, I’d like him to be around the same age as my Chorkie and very well mannered.


    Our new Chorkie, Bella, is coming home in one week. I am worried about potty training her as I have read a lot of comments that they are hard to train. Any advise on potty training a Chorkie would be helpful.

  • Carla neese says:

    My Chorkie is 10 years old and probably the best little companion I have ever had. As stated no one enters our home that I don’t know it. That bark comes before the door bell. She was bought for me as a companion while I recovered from a stroke. She was trained to wee pads and she still goes to them. I can’t always take her out so it’s good she will go to the pad. She’s smart, she’s cute, and a near perfect pet. I have her long hair groomed about every 6 weeks by a professional groomer. My Chorkie has been to the vet for routine visits and shots but Holly has never been sick I’d have another one just like her. Charlie’s make great pets.

  • Sue Langel says:

    We adopted a 3 yr old Chorkie from an older couple. She is the light of my life!! She is stubborn at times, but generally wants to please. She has large Chihuahua ears, and is a mix of colors. She weighs about 8 lbs, and is in good health. I don’t think I will ever want a different type dog as long as I live! We love her dearly!!

  • Robert Mchugh says:

    All this BS. Where can I get another. My 4 year genius was executed by a a care-free driver. I cannot find another like him. My companion dog. I am alone, 79 yrs old and he was my constant companion.

  • CenDolf says:

    My chorkie is very active and loving and she plays well with my small grandchildren. And she is actually a bully of the neighborhood everybody knows her. I named Rhea after one of my favorite wrestlers. And she lives up to her namesake. She was a birthday present for my son I already had a porky, what she bullies he’s for and she’s one they are my service dogs and other than getting in the garbage I wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves to go out in the backyard and Chase my neighbor’s cats out the yard, she also sleeps with me and checks out everybody that comes to the house

  • Joan Smith says:

    We have a puppy and we we’re told when we got her at 13 weeks that she was a Chorkie. We are just not sure of the breed because she is about 13 inches tall and weighs 11 lbs and is 5 1/2 months old. Her legs are very long and skinny. People are saying she can’t be a Chorkie because her legs are too long.
    Anyone have input?

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