Is The Havapoo (AKA Havanese Poodle Mix) Dog Smarter Than You?

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HavapooThe Havapoo is a cross of a Havanese and a miniature Poodle, also known as the Havadoodle or Havanese Poodle Mix. It’s s small dog breed at about 8 to 15 inches tall, weighing between 9.9  to 16 pounds. The lifespan of the Havapoo is around 10 to 14 years.

Both parent breeds are very smart and cute. So I think they make great pets for most families. Let’s learn a little more about this hybrid to help you decide if the Havapoo is fit for you.

Golden Havapoos

Where Did the Breed Originate?

The Poovanese has a poorly documented history. We do know it’s a fairly new dog breed. They are likely only a few decades old and were first seen in the United States.

Currently, the Havanese Poodle Mix is recognized only by the following organizations:

What Does the Havapoo Look Like?

As with any mixed breed, it’s impossible to predict which parent the puppies will come out looking like. But, when referring to their facial features and build, most look like the Havanese.

Imagine a pup with short legs, floppy ears, and a fluffy tail, bouncing around your house. The thought brings a smile to my face.

Their height and weight depend on the type of Poodle they were bred from. As mentioned above they are 8 – 15 inches (20 cm – 38 cm) tall, and they’re weight ranges between 9.9 – 16 pounds (4.4 kg – 7.2 kg).

Havapoos should be done growing by the time they are one year old.

Primarily their coats will be long and wavy, but if they look more like their Poodle side, it may be thick and curly.

Havapoos come in a variety of colors including:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • White
  • Black

As your pup matures, his fur may change in color.

Check out this litter of adorable apricot Havapoos. Looks at those tails wag!

Havapoo vs. Cavapoo

Among the mentioned similar breeds to the Poovanese, the Cavapoo seems to be the most popular. Sometimes called the Cavoodle, this equally adorable dog is a cross between the Poodle (like the Poovanese), and the Kings Charles Spaniel.

Just like the Havapoo, the Cavapoo is also a very friendly and intelligent breed whose sweet expressive face will melt your heart.

While Havapoos get along with everyone, a Cavapoo can get jealous if you pay more attention to anyone other than him. They are also more expensive and hypoallergenic, unlike the Havanese Poodle mix.

Close up of Cavapoo Dog


What Kind of Behavior Should You Expect?

Charming, friendly, playful, outgoing and energetic are a few traits that describe the temperament of the Havapoo. They are exceptionally intelligent and are always eager to please their humans.

Some are a little more laid back, docile, sensitive and gentle. They love to cuddle and are very responsive to the feelings of their family. Your Havanese Poodle may calm down a bit as he matures and gets older, or very well could be born with this chill personality.

Whatever their true characteristics are, your Havapoo will get along well with everyone. This includes children and even other pets. Of course, as with any breed, proper socialization starting at an early age will ensure a well-rounded dog.

If you’re looking for a guard dog, the Havanese Poodle Mix is not for you! Though these dogs may bark at people approaching their property, they will scare no one!

Some people claim these dogs are mind readers! They are highly intelligent and in tune with your feelings. Havapoos can tell what kind of mood you’re in by reading your actions and hearing your tone of voice. They’ll react accordingly, keeping away if you’re mad or being there to comfort you if you’re sad.

What About the Teacup Havapoo?

Many people these days seek teacup, mini, or toy breeds. The Havadoodle was not bred to be any of these.

So caution should be taken if a breeder is claiming to have a Teacup Havanese Poodle. They could just be selling the runt and calling it something else, in hopes it sounds special and people will pay as much, or more money for the puppy.

Also, you don’t know what kind of health issues you could be facing in this case. So it’s best that, if you want a dog smaller than the Havapoo, you look for a different breed.

What Type of Diet Is Best?

Dry kibble is recommended to help keep your dog’s teeth clean. It should be rich in minerals and proteins, formulated for small breeds.

There’s also food on the market for active, high energy dogs. So, if this is your little one, then you should look into it as an option.

Diet plays a large role in the overall health of your dog. Make sure he’s getting high-quality meals, that meet his nutritional needs.

Two White Havapoo Dogs

What Living Conditions Are Best?

Since they’re so intuned with their humans, the Havapoo is a good match for singles, couples with or without children, and elderly folks.

As a compact size, these furballs live perfectly content in apartments, small homes, or houses with/without yards.

It’s best to make your Havapoo an indoor dog and only allow him to go out when someone is home to keep watch. His curious mind may lead him into the neighbor’s yard, if not supervised or properly trained.

He’ll enjoy trips to the park, where he can play and run. Or a fenced-in yard would suit him just fine.

Havapoos prefer to be outside in mildly warm temperatures. Yet, they can tolerate a large array of weather conditions. This makes them suitable for most climates.

While you’re gone, they can be left alone. However, providing them with toys and activities to keep them mentally stimulated, is a good idea. Always remember, a bored dog is a destructive dog.

Gray Havanese Poodle Mix Puppy

Exercise Requirements For The Havanese Poodle Mix

If your Havapoo is more on the energetic side, then you’ll want to provide him with several opportunities to be active. One to three hours a day, several times a week will suffice.

If you go on walks, this dog will trot happily by your side. He may even be content going on for several miles.

Training This Intelligent Breed

Both Havanese and Poodles are some of the most obedient and trainable dogs that exist. Meaning your mixed breed will be no different. Training should start early and may not require much effort before he is abiding by every one of your commands.

Using rewards and treats are a great way to keep him happy and eager to learn.

As mentioned before, your Havadoodle is very in tune with your feelings. So be patient, positive, and don’t raise your voice to the little one.

Also, being highly intelligent, they need an authoritative trainer that will be the leader of its pack.

Whether you’re potty, house, or crate training your pup, it can be a good experience for the both of you. Your furball will be happy to please you.

Here’s a video of a Havapoo just weeks old who can do a ton of tricks!

While this breed is known for being friendly, socializing her at an early age will prevent Small Dog Syndrome. In order to get your pup used to be around other people, children, and animals, you should allow them to spend a lot of time together.

Start doing so, as soon as you bring your Havapoo home. Always supervise small children, and other pets, with this dog. This will prevent any harm to your new dog.

Grooming Requirements for Havapoo

These are non-shedding dogs which are considered hypoallergenic. Havapoo will need to be brushed or combed weekly. This will remove all dead hair, prevent knots, and keep the coat shiny and healthy.

To avoid infection, trim their ears and eyes every 1-2 weeks. A trip to the groomer is recommended at least twice a year. You can bathe at home every 1-2 months.

Brush teeth on a regular basis, and trim nails as needed.

If you dabble in doing your own dog grooming, here is a video that will give you some pointers on styling this poodle mix.

Possible Health Problems

As mentioned in the first paragraph the Havanese Poodle mixes are relatively healthy, living an average of 10-14 years.

However, both parent breeds do commonly suffer from skin allergies brought on by contact or environmental factors. Speak with your veterinarian if this becomes an issue.

Some possible conditions that may occur:

  • Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-Perthes Disease (Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Deafness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart Problems
  • Addison’s
  • Cushing’s
  • Von Willebrand’s
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye Issues

Where to Buy a Havapoo Puppy

If you’re interested in adopting a Havapoo, you may have luck at a shelter or rescue.

Breeders are available all over the United States. Here are some that I found:

  • New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Dallas, Texas, and across the U.S.: Puppy Spot

If you’re in the UK, occasionally you can find Havapoo puppies from Preloved.

Looking through these websites, you’ll see prices anywhere between $200 up to $1750.

Settling somewhere in the middle may be best since a very low price could mean unhealthy breeding standards. And on the other hand, four-digit prices can mean you’re simply being overcharged for a mixed breed.

Remember, don’t be fooled by paying extra for a “Teacup” Havapoo.

Havapoo Alternatives

Similar mixed breeds that might also melt your heart include:

So Will The Havapoo Have-A-You?

Are you convinced that this is the breed for you? They’re smart and easy to train, which to me, are attractive qualities to have in a four-legged companion.

Yet, since they are so intelligent they need mental stimulation and a lot of care and attention. So, if you are thinking about getting one, please be sure you have time to spend with the fur baby.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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