What You Need to Know before Getting a Husky Lab Mix

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Husky Lab MixThe Husky Lab Mix is a cross of a Siberian Husky and a Labrador Retriever, also known as Labsky or Huskador. The Husky Lab Mix is a medium dog at about 20 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 15 years.

I’ve put together a list of interesting facts about the Husky Lab Mix, to help you understand if you’re the right owner for such a dog.

Husky & Labrador Mix Photos

Handsome Husky Lab Mixed Breed husky lab mixHandsome Husky Lab Mixed Breed Handsome Husky Lab Mixed Breed Handsome Husky Lab Mixed Breedlabrador husky mixHandsome Husky Lab Mixed Breedlabrador husky mixlabrador husky mixlabrador husky mixlabrador husky mixHandsome Husky Lab Mixed Breedhusky lab mixHandsome Husky Lab Mixed Breedhusky lab mix

Are You Ready to Go for A Walk?

Several times a day, every day, including weekends, and those mornings when you don’t want to go out of bed? A Husky Lab Mix has high energy levels, and she needs to be exercised properly to stay fit. If you’re more into watching TV than into playing sport, maybe you should look for another dog.

You’ll have to take her outside for a long walk twice a day. She also enjoys swimming, running in the park, and playing Frisbee, or any other interactive game. These dogs are suitable for active families, where running, jogging, camping trips, or hiking are common activities.

The lack of exercise can cause obesity, especially if your dog has inherited the Labrador’s gene mutation. I think having a yard where your dog can run freely is essential when dealing with this breed. Make sure you have a strong fence before bringing your future dog home, to prevent her from escaping. A Lab Husky Mix also loves to dig holes, so take all precautions if you have plants.

You Should Be Ready for Unpredictable Things

lab husky mix When buying a designer dog, you don’t actually know what you’re going to get, and the Labrador Husky Mix is no exception. This mixed breed is new, and there’s little data about how these dogs evolve as adults.

Based on the information about her parents, the Labrador Retriever and the Siberian Husky, your future dog should inherit some of these characteristics:

  • coat: it’s generally double-layered, silky and short. It can be white, black, brown, golden, or any combination of these colors.
  • size: as mentioned above they’re generally medium-sized dogs, weighing between 40 and 60 pounds (18-27 kg) and being around 20 to 25 inches tall (50.8 – 63.5 cm).
  • eyes: puppies in the same litter can have different eye colors. Some have blue eyes, while others have eyes of different colors.
  • health issues: Siberian Retrievers can inherit some genetic conditions from their parents. The most common are eye and skin diseases, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and cancer.

Obedience Training Is A Must

When you’re dealing with a Lab Husky Mix, you need to start training as soon as you bring your puppy home. Besides potty training, obedience lessons can also help you bond easier with your dog while giving you the chance to remain in charge.

This dog is very intelligent and in most cases you can train her yourself, especially if you start at an early age. However, because she has a Husky parent, your dog can sometimes be stubborn, so you’ll need to be patient and repeat training sessions several times before obtaining a positive response.

Always use positive reinforcement and never punish your dog for not following your commands.

You’ll learn to Appreciate the Vacuum Cleaner

A Labrador Husky Mix sheds all year, with higher intensity in spring and autumn. To minimize the mess, you’ll have to brush your dog’s coat three to five times a week during these seasons. You’ll also have to use the vacuum cleaner quite often to keep your house clean.

Outside the shedding season, your dog needs to be brushed twice a week, to keep her coat beautiful and to reduce the amount of lost hair. Besides this activity, you should also find time for:

  • bathing your dog once a month or whenever she’s dirty;
  • trimming her nails when needed;
  • cleaning her ears twice a month;
  • brushing her teeth twice a week.

Siberian Retrievers Don’t Like to Be Alone

husky lab mix One of the best things about these dogs is their love and affection towards their human families. This makes them great family dogs and nice play companions for kids of all ages, but it also means they don’t like being left by themselves.

Keeping your dog alone for too long can cause separation anxiety, sometimes also found in Huskies, but more common when it comes to Labradors. So, when you have to leave your dog home alone, make sure she stays busy until you’re back.

Get her some resistant dog toys to chew, and free access to the yard where she can play, run, and move freely. Make sure she always has a place to go in case of bad weather. These dogs don’t like rain or getting wet.

If you work all day, ask a friend or a pet walker to take her to the park and make sure you also spend enough time with her when you get home.


As you can see, a Labrador Husky Mix is a great dog. She’s suitable for all types of owners, including families with small children, and loves to be with you all the time. But you’ll have to be there for her and also include her in all your activities, which can be hard if you’re a busy person.

Do you think you can handle such a dog? Or do you already have one? Let us know what you think about the Husky Lab Mix in a comment below.

19 replies on “What You Need to Know before Getting a Husky Lab Mix”

  • Rodney says:

    We have a 4 year old husky lab. He is the sweetest, most easy going, smart, and fun dog I’ve ever known. Very easy to train. I disagree with many of the characteristics listed. Ours is lazy and does not like a lot of activity. He also doesn’t mind being left at home alone, but he does go most places with us. The only issue we have is his obsession with children. He loves kids so much that if he can see them but cannot get to them he becomes so laserly focused and cry a very high pitch until they are out of sight. He wants to smell them and lick them on the face and generally hang out with them. We were at the beach with our young niece and she was playing with her beach toys at the water and he wouldn’t leave her side. Another dog approached and he chased him or her off in an aggressive manner. I had never seen him aggressive like that before. Other than that, the best dog we’ve ever had.

  • Tyler says:

    My wife and adopted a year old girl. She was very nervous to be at the shelter and she wasn’t to keen on being in her new home for about 4-5 days. It’s been a little over a month now and well, Dixie is much like a Siberian husky when it comes to personality. She look more like a golden lab until you look at her one blue and one brown eye. He size says lab. She loves to play. ALL THE TIME! Only time she’s not playful is past midnight. Which is fine because we also have a Cocker lab as well for her to play with. Unfortunately, we do have to crate her when not home. We can leave toys out for her with some food and water, come home and shoes are chewed on, and accidents are a must with her. I come home for lunch so she’s usually crated for 4 hours, out for 1, back in another 4. So she’s not cooped all day long. She’s a great dog. Knows basic commands now like sit and lay down. Currently trying to teach the paw shake but that will take awhile due to she’s to stubborn for it. I’m most excited to get up to the lake this summer and see if she will swim. Our cocker lab Finnigin (yes spelled that way) refuses to go in the water. He can swim, just hates based on his huge coating of fur he has on him. But Dixie might. She’s alot younger than Finn as he is 7 but he still a puppy at heart. She’s a great new addition. She also gets along with our two cats. One is younger and more playful but still adult age and they can both be pretty rough on each other. Nothing serious, just friendly competition. We do want to start training with someone to stop the digging and chewing of non toys but right now, we can deal. She also hates car rides. Not the first of her type I’ve seen that with so I’m wondering if it’s just a myth or are some dogs like her that way?

    Hope this helps for anybody looking to get a dog like my our Dixie!

  • Tarryn says:

    I am considering a dog that has a lab/husky/pitbull mother and a pitbull/lab father. It was great to read some of the possible characteristics that this combination may exhibit. My dog would hardly ever be left alone, however the people she may be left with are not active as they are older in age. I’m hoping the walks three times a day and consistent companionship will be enough to keep the little guy or gal happy. Thanks for writing this article. Very helpful and gives me a lot to consider!

  • Frances says:

    Comments on our dog: We have a 6 year old mix that is 75% husky and 25% chocolate lab. She is very intelligent and active. She started out being my son’s dog, and when she was younger he would take her for 5 mile runs after which she would rest for 30 minutes and be ready go again. She is very friendly but “talks” argues with me anytime I need to tell her “no” about something, and she is very stubborn. She tends to be an escape artist, or visa versa……if we shut her in the garage she opens the car door with her nose and sleeps in the car! She must have inherited the labs love of water because we have ponds that we cannot keep her out of on a warm day. She also has caught every groundhog and many other various animals on our property. As she has gotten older, she is maybe a little less active, but not much. I think she is about 70 to 80 pounds (broad but not fat) and is very strong. She is chocolate colored with white around her
    brown nose and paws, and she has light blue eyes. The vet told me she has three layers of fur.

  • Sheba says:

    I have a one year old husky lab mix and she is very outgoing.. I totally agree with this article. I trained her myself and she is super smart.. She doesn’t like baths and hates going out after it rains.. On the downside she eats everything

  • Tim says:

    we just got a husky lab mix puppy month ago. we had her house trained in two weeks. she still has a accident from time to time but its rare. She is high energy. She loves playing in the water and especially the mud. She also loves bug hunting at night. We noticed she does not jump on people and very rarely barks..she is very quiet. all she she wants to do is play..And Yes the Husky side shows cause she gets her stubborn moments. She is also a thief and will steal anything she can run off with.

  • Jeff says:

    Our lab/Shephard/husky mix fits nearly all the characteristics listed. She’s smart, energetic and loves to play outside, hates thunderstorms but loves chasing the water stream from a hose. She also dislikes being left behind and follows EVERYWHERE in the house like she’s going to miss something. We love her and her love for us is fondly received as she cuddles up to either me or my wife, usually between us…even in bed. We got the pick of the litter.

  • Marguerite Ives says:

    I adopted a husky/lab mix a week ago. She is a three year old female with lots of energy. She loves long walks and a good run at the fenced neighborhood dog park. She has been very affectionate. She initially growled at my beagle/corgi Mix when they met but after a couple of firm no’s they have been fine together. She has begun to be protective of him as well as the rest of the family. She sees me as the household alpha. She does need work learning to walk on a leash as she loves to chase every rabbit, squirrel and bird she sees. She has all the characteristics listed.

  • Tornado says:

    My adorable Lab Husky mix is now three years old. She looks more lab than husky, but has a husky like face and paws. A few months back she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Is this a common inherited trait in this mix breed?

  • Melissa S says:

    We have an 8 month old husky lab boy. He is the best baby in the world and LOVES the dog park. He’s always by my side and is super sweet. We love him dearly ❤️

  • Sarah says:

    We have a 10 year old husky/lab mix. He has many of the characteristics listed in your article. We previously owned a pure lab. Our mix has never had any health problems, where our purebred did. He is incredibly smart, easy to positively train and a great family dog for 3 children. We have 2 fenced acres and he’s never tried to escape. At 10 he’s still a hiking companion, and has been a running companion since we got him at age 2. I work from home, so he’s not often alone, but he doesn’t like to be alone. He’s a wonderful dog!!

  • Leah Dillon says:

    I have a Husky Lab mix and he’s huge. Literally. Husky labs get pretty big like height wise. He’s a great family dog. He highly protective of us and all around a big fat fluff ball.

  • Lori says:

    I have a chocolate Lab Husky mix she’s beautiful was very easy to train housebreaking was amazingly great she has her spurts of energy she runs around the yard play fetch she’s very smart she doesn’t bark at people or animals on occasion she wants to get a cat when she was a little younger she had anxiety issues when I would leave but now she has no problem with it she’ll be three in fact today the only problem I’m having is training her on a leash she’s so strong I can’t walk her half the time so we’re still working on that.

    She doesn’t mind the rain at all she’s great in the car to ride she loves to do kisses she’s a milder she likes to put her mouth on your arm but she doesn’t bite I caught a pointing a couple times you can tell her to get something and she goes get it she has to special toys and you can tell ever get her baby or get her how and she gets whichever when you ask her for can ask for a better dog she’s my baby

  • Angel says:

    I want one of these dogs so much, thanks for writing this article so I can plan out how things will work once I get one. I doubt I’m going to ever leave it alone.

  • Peter Kasputis says:

    I have a huskey lab. Always had Labs, six at one time. We used to breed them. They where awesome dogs but I got a bit too old to keep breeding. My Huskylab is 3 now and a great dog. A little of a tough trainer, but great dog. I know I have her at night to sleep right next to me. Great dogs.

    continue breeding.

  • Lorraine Piermani says:

    My white lab husky mix is 18yrs old and still going strong. All the traits u mentioned he has – now that he is older – developed lipomas on head/ face /ears . He is a great companion. Thanks.

  • Steven H says:

    Amazing dog! I just lost my girl to cancer 3 days before writing this so it is true about that health issue. She was 12 years old. She always wanted to be with me everywhere I went. She loved my two boys from the day I brought them home. They could crawl all over her and she never once got upset. She always listened when I called to her. She was some what protective but would never run after anyone or another dog. Just puff up. Now hair that was a job. I didn’t like to keep her outside because I felt like she got to hot. I spent some good money on a vacuum and I brushed her everyday and I still had hair. That is the only downfall to these dogs, but if all of these dogs are even close to Bailey then you will not be disappointed. You will have a true friend as long as he or she is around.

  • Rick Mauderer says:

    I have a litter of 6 Husky-Lab mixes. Pure white husky purebred momma. Tan lab daddy. Mostly white pups with a tinge of tan. They turned 3 weeks today. They will be looking for their new homes soon! Email me at [email protected] for pictures!

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