Why is the Pitbull Lab Mix (AKA Labrabull) Such a Great Dog?

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Pitbull Lab Mix also known as Labrabull or Lab Pit MixPitbull Lab Mix is a cross of a Labrador Retriever and a Pitbull Terrier, also known as Labrabull, or Lab Pit Mix. Its a medium to large dog at about 17 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 45 to 90 pounds. The Pitbull Lab Mix Lifespan is around 10 to 14 years.

This crossbreed is one of the friendliest, most loyal dog breeds I can think of. Not only are these dogs full of energy and life, but they absolutely love to be around people – especially children! If you are considering getting a new dog, I would highly recommend this breed.

But what makes the pitbull lab mix such a great dog?

Pitbull lab mixes are some of the most friendly and devoted dogs you will ever come across and they are great with children. This breed is also known for its goofy personality and its gentle demeanor.

Keep reading to learn more about this crossbreed.

Pitbull Lab Mix Photo Gallery

Pitbull and lab mix is working on its training skill outdoors in the backyard on a nice day.Pitbull and lab mix is working on its training skill outdoors in the backyard on a nice day.Lab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixLab Pit MixPitbull Lab MixPitbull Lab MixPitbull Lab Mix

What is a Pitbull Lab Mix?

The pitbull lab mix is known by several different names including the Labrabull and the Pitador.

This breed is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and an American Pitbull Terrier (more commonly known as a Pitbull).

In many cases, a Lab Pitbull Mix is 50% of each breed, but that is not always the case. If you cross a Lab Pitbull Mix with a Labrador Retriever or a Pitbull, you will still end up with a Lab Pit Mix.

What do Lab Pitbull Mix Dogs Look Like?

A Labrador pitbull mix will exhibit a combination of the physical traits and characteristics exhibited by the parent breeds. Most of these mixed breed dogs have short coats that shed moderately – the texture of the coat may be a little harsh.

In terms of size, as we mentioned above these dogs range from as small as 17 inches (43 cm) to as tall as 25 inches (63.5 cm) and they may weigh anywhere from 30 (13 kg) to 80 pounds (36 kg). The Lab Pitbull Mix will have a strong, confident look with good muscles and excellent agility. The strength and muscles are inherited from the pitbull while the agility comes from the Labrador retriever.

Labrador retrievers come in black as well as various shades of yellow and brown and the American Pitbull Terrier comes in a wide range of colors. Mixed puppies from these two breeds, then, exhibit a variety of colors including the following:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Any combination of the above

Certain coat colors from either parent breed overlap such as brown, yellow, and black. This means that these colors are more likely to appear in the Lab Pit Mix, though this breed can really show any combination of the colors seen in either parent breed.

This video features a young Labrador Pitbull Mix named Rocky enjoying a warm summer afternoon in the pool. Rocky has a beautiful black coat and a friendly, fun-loving personality characteristic of the breed.

What Kind of Temperament do Pitbull Lab Mixes Have?

The temperament of this crossbreed dog will be some combination of the character traits that you see in the American Pitbull Terrier and the Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retrievers (or Labs) tend to be very energetic, friendly, and playful – they also tend to be a little bit goofy now and again. Labs are smart and mischievous – they have been known to escape from fenced yards with ease.

The American Pitbull Terrier sometimes has a bad reputation for being aggressive or mean, but that is not the case at all. According to the UK Kennel Club, these dogs are one of the gentlest breeds on the planet and, while they may be a little protective, they will never hurt you or your family. Pitbulls have big, open hearts and they make excellent companion pets.

This unique breed will inherit some combination of these character traits. For the most part, pitbull lab mixes are friendly and affectionate with family, but they can also be a bit of a handful with their high energy level.

The pitbull breed can also be a little dominant at times, so look out for this kind of behavior with your dog. If you allow your dog to become dominant, he may not listen to your commands and could develop aggression toward other dogs.

Are Pitbull Lab Mixes Good with Kids?

Lab Pit Mix

Whether or not your Labrador pitbull mix gets along with children will depend on several factors. Breeding plays a major role in determining a dog’s temperament so, if you want your dog to get along with kids, you should buy a puppy that comes from two parents who both have gentle, loving temperaments.

Early socialization and training is essential for all dogs – especially for a breed like this that has a lot of energy and can sometimes develop dominant tendencies. Socializing your puppy from a young age will help him get along with kids better.

Will a Lab Pitbull Mix Get Along with Other Pets?

In determining whether your mixed breed dog will get along with other pets, you have to think about the two parent breeds. Labrador retrievers, for example, get along with just about anyone – human or animal. These dogs can be a little overzealous with small dogs but they would never intentionally hurt anyone.

The American Pitbull Terrier is a different story. While these dogs are not inherently dangerous, the terrier in them means that they have a strong prey drive – this as an instinct to chase small animals. Raising your pitbull mix from a young age will help him get along with other pets but you should always supervise any interactions between your dog and other pets.

How Easy is it to Train a Pitbull Lab Mix?

Both parent breeds for this crossbreed are known for their intelligence, so the Lab Pit Mix is a smart dog as well. The smarter the dog, the easier it is to train him, as long as you go about the training in the right way.

Dogs get bored with repetition sometimes so you need to keep your training sessions short and sweet. You also need to be consistent with the commands you use so your dog doesn’t get confused.

Is the Pitbull Lab Mix a Healthy Breed?

Pitbull and lab mix is working on its training skill outdoors in the backyard on a nice day. There are conflicting opinions out there regarding the health of mixed breed dogs compared to purebreds. Some experts believe in hybrid vigor – the idea that mixed breed dogs are inherently healthier than purebred dogs because they have a lower risk for inherited health problems.

However, if you breed two dogs that have a genetic predisposition for the same disease, the chances that the puppies will inherit that condition is much higher.

When it comes to the pitbull labrador mix and its health, you have to consider the health of the two parent breeds. Labrador Retrievers live for 10 to 13 years and they are prone to certain diseases like:

  • hip dysplasia,
  • progressive retinal atrophy,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • epilepsy,
  • and skin allergies.

The American Pitbull Terrier lives 10 to 15 years and is prone to some of the same problems including allergies and hip dysplasia.

As a mix of these two breeds, the Pitbull Labrador Mix could have a higher risk for musculoskeletal issues like hip dysplasia as well as allergies.

Overall, however, this mixed breed is fairly healthy and can be expected to live an average of 10 to 14 years.

The Final Word

Every dog is unique in his own way, but the Pitbull Lab Mix is one of the friendliest and gentlest dog breeds out there – that’s why it’s one of my favorites.

If you are looking for a loyal friend and companion – someone who will always be happy to be by your side- I encourage you to consider this mixed breed. All your dog needs is your time and your affection and, in return, he will love you with all of his heart.

If you want to learn more about the Pitbull Lab Mix, or if you want to share your experience with the breed, feel free to submit a comment below!



74 replies on “Why is the Pitbull Lab Mix (AKA Labrabull) Such a Great Dog?”

  • Celestia says:

    Do u need paper on this kind of a dog I have my ever since he was a pup and I was told today he need to have paper in insurance is this true

  • Jenn says:

    We adopted our fella from a rescue. He’s the most loving, gentle and loyal dog that we’ve ever had. He’s my “Velcro” dog and is by my side even when I vacuum. He’s great with our kids and loves to give kisses! These dogs are very intelligent and great companions.

  • Kevin says:

    So I just adopted a new puppy. I was told he is a pure breed Lab but someone mentioned that they think he’s a Lab/Pit mix. I was worried but then a friend of mine sent me this link. It makes me feel better but I’m worried that he might grow up to hurt my cat. He is only 10 weeks right now. I’m thinking since they live together that it’ll help him get over the idea of using her as a play toy.

    • Sara says:

      We have a lab/pit mix. He is seriously the friendliest dog I have ever been around. He will kiss you to death! He loves all other animals even cats. Also very loyal and he is protective of my kids.

    • Jeanna Hoover says:

      We rescued our pit lab as an adult and he fell in love with our 2 cats. He even lets the alpha cat be his boss! He won’t even eat until the kitties have a little taste from his bowl first.

      • Susan says:

        I have two cats and a Maltese and am thinking about a pit/ lab mix. This made me feel good about it. Thanks!

      • Andrea says:

        I just adopted my lab/pit mix 2 months ago . He is absolutely the sweetest dog ever. Good with kids ,dogsand cats

    • Remington says:

      My wife and I have a lab pit mix who does well with our cat. I will tell you that we use a training collar with him and beep/buzz him if he gets out of hand. He is a spark plug, so sometimes he gets excited and will use his energy to play with the cat.

    • Julie says:

      My 1 yr pit/lab male rescue travels un crated in the back seat of our truck with a 15 yr old female cat also un crated (both fixed) just fine. They play, tangle and lay together. She let’s the pup know when she’s tired of him but neither us abusive. Hubby and I live in an RV. Unfortunately that pit neck of his is a red flag for some campgrounds. He loves kids and always perks up when the school bus comes. I don’t think you need to worry. Tip: get the black Kong toys (NOTE FROM EDITOR: Purchase from Amazon here).Real tough. And nyabones lol.

    • Caitlyn says:

      We just ran into this same EXACT situation 3 days ago. She is 8 weeks but I definitely can start to see what people are talking about with the pit features. It does help to know that they are gentle beings. I was nervous at first but we already love her so much.

    • Charlie Skinner says:

      I was also concerned when we got Ringo, as my cat is old and frail. They immediately became excellent housemates/brothers. I was a bit surprised, as Bunky (cat) is not the most sociable, but he is completely at ease around his big goofy brother. I wouldn’t trade him for any other breed.

    • Sarah says:

      My dog is a lab/pit and he gets along better with cats than he does dogs, if I’m being honest. Unfortunately, the cats don’t really want to play back haha

    • Quint says:

      I have a pit-lab mix and a cat. Start feeding them both at the sane time and near each other. I would feed the cat on an elevated plane so the dog couldn’t reach her and they would eat together. Before long they caught on that they could work together to get me to feed them, so they got more and more civil with each other. Skip ahead a few years and now they are best buddies.

    • Cody says:

      I have a chocolate lab/pit mix and he’s awesome with our cat. He loves to play with her but never hurts her

  • Mary says:

    My husband is blind and I’m on disabled myself and we just got a 10 month old puppy and he’s good great dog you have no idea how much and just the three weeks that we’ve had our little one he has really shown the love and it just brings out smiles and made us so happy and the things that he does thank you so much for everything that I have learned off of your website I appreciate your help he gets along so well with our Shih Tzu Dotson and I just love this little puppy thank you

  • Steve Davis says:


    Recently adopted a 1 1/2 year old Lab / pit mix. She’s a nice gal, with general training, and I like her much. But she’s escaped the fence twice (one near heart attack for me), can open the refrigerator, can access stuff on kitchen counters and views the (relatively) secured garbage can as a play-thing.

    My old dog, a beagle, well, I didn’t have to worry about these things.

    Fixin’ to have a trainer in my home to help the dog and myself, but any guidance folks could pass along would be much appreciated! Sincerely ~ Steve

    • Sarah says:

      My dog does a lot of those same things. With the things in the home, I would suggest making sure that the dog knows that you’re in charge. When my dog gets in the trash I make him sit in the closet while I clean it up. I don’t lock him in or anything, I don’t even close the door, but he has to stay until I have it clean. As for the yard, honestly, just make sure the fences are fullproof, and at least 6 feet high. I’ve found that if I leave my dog out in the yard for too long, he’ll do everything in his power to get back in the house with me. Also, something a trainer taught me that has absolutely helped in every way: a tired dog is a good dog. Exercise her as regularly as possible and it should limit the troublemaking. But have fun with her! They honestly just want to cuddle and play with you, honest 🙂

  • Sara says:

    Our Pit Lab mix is the greatest dog ever! He was a super energetic, super curious puppy, but we have a large family so he received lots of attention & exercise, as well as regular training sessions. He’s 4 now & he’s so sweet! He loves everyone & he’s absolutely wonderful with children- all ages- as well as other dogs- large & small. He is a true companion, only leaving my side if he smells food or hears the doorbell, of course. 😉 He’s a very handsome chocolate brown with a white belly, has had no health issues & weighs around 85-90 lbs depending on the season. While he’s never been overly aggressive (he was neutered @ 9mos old), he is protective, especially of all the kids who live around us. He won’t go after someone he doesn’t know, but he will not let a stranger come in the backyard (where the kids play) until we tell him it’s ok.

  • Rick says:

    The Lab Pit Mix I had was adopted when he was 3 years old and lived until he was 17 years old.
    He was the smartest dog I’ve ever had or known and extremely loyal.
    His coat was that of a yellow lab with the traditional white chest and paws you see with a lot Lab Pit Mixes.
    He got along great with my mixed female of various breeds.
    They loved each other.

    I miss that dog so much it still hurts years later.

    I love you buddy!

  • Lisa says:

    I have a 1 year 4 month old lab pit mix and he is the best dog ever. I had a 16 year old Jack Russell who was very aggressive. We got my mix dog ( Finix) at 6 weeks and 4.5 lbs. Do to how aggressive my jack was (he got sick we just put him down 3 months ago) Finix is 3 more times sweeter then any dog. You can tell him to play nice he is little and he will play different with a little dog then a big one. I get numerous amount of compliments on him and how pretty he is

  • Mark says:

    I picked up my dog Horton from a shelter almost a year ago. He’s white with brown spots and a big brown spot on hid butt. His bred was a mystery to me. My vet said Bassett hound but I always thought his build made that assessment wrong. I was told by my groomer that he may be a pit/lab. After reading your article I’m sure of it. He’s a goofball, intelligent, loyal, and mischievous. Thanks for clearing things up for me!

  • Lisa says:

    Do I have to have my lab/pit mix spayed/nuetured and have a chip put inside her because of the pit?

  • Jessica says:

    I’m thinking about getting one but I’m afraid it might hurt our outdoor cat. I love that cat to pieces. Do you think they will be ok together? The puppy is 5 months from the pound.

    • Quint says:

      Feed them together. Keep the cat elevated so the pup can’t reach the cat. Once they get used to eating together they will bond. Make sure the pup sees you living in the cat and vice versa.

      I have a 4.5 year old pit lab mix (75 lbs) and a 7 lb cat and despite not getting along at first, now they are best buddies.

    • DeAnna Scofield says:

      I’m a little late here but our lab/Pitt and Cat love each other and are always being silly and affectionate with each other. If anything our cat is the jerk, he likes to hide and jump out at her unexpectedly. It’s made for some pretty hilarious moments in the house. Never an issue with aggression. That is such a myth with the Pitt breed.

  • Natalie says:

    They truly are the sweetest, smartest, and most loyal dogs. My sweet Capone was a beautiful black and white lab pit mix. We rescued him from a high kill shelter several years ago. He was 4 months old and we our daughter was 3 months old at the time. He was so gentle and loving with her. Sadly, we lost him to cancer last year. We are still devastated over the loss of our sweetest fur baby ever. I would highly recommend this breed to anyone!

    • Terry says:

      I’m so sorry Natalie, I completely understand your & yours families pain. I also lost my beloved Bubba several months ago. I still expect to see him in the back yard, smashing his nose up against the door, he was so smart & funny. My grandkids miss him so much too. God bless you.

  • Ally says:

    Hey I have a question
    My boyfriends dog is a piubull lab and he is afraid to let me meet him so he doesn’t hurt me or jump on me. How do I get his dog to get used to me?

  • Terry says:

    I had the extreme honor of loving & being loved by my pit bull/ lab Bubba for 13 years. I’ve had many dogs over the course of my life but Bubba was by far the smartest, loving, funny, loyal, amazing dog EVER. I miss him every day & still cry at times. I’ve always had a dog, since birth. The only way I’d have another is if I could have another pit bull/lab mix. Bubba, best dog, whole wide world. Hope to see you in Heaven one day….

  • Jo hall says:

    Hi just wondering. We hav a 12 week old black boy whose father is full black labrador who is a gun dog and mum who is brown labrador looking dog but is crossed with something maybe pit bull. Both mum and our puppy have a white crest on chest. My question is… do pit Bulls generally like water and do they retrieve easily as we really want our dog to be a duck dog.

  • Brad McMahon says:

    You’ll never find a dog that will just break your heart from operating with such a pure love and genuine sweetness in spirit quite so much as the lab pit.
    My Sampson is two years old now. When we went to adopt him, we didn’t exactly set out to find a “therapy-dog” or anything, but that little guy has provided me with so much heart and soul healing, I never would have known he had it in him at first. The spirit in this dog is of another world. Beautiful, sweet (and yes playful and mischievous),… but perfect.

  • Darlene Savell says:

    We just got a Pit bull /Lab mix 4 month old puppy from a rescue shelter. He seems real aggressive.
    He has bitten my 15 year old daughter on the nose. He seems to growl when he plays a lot. He is constantly trying to grab my big dog by the neck who is also just puppy which just turned a year old. My big dog likes playing but sometimes its like he is trying to protect himself. He has been bitten twice on the leg by the puppy to where it went through the skin. I am wondering if we should keep the puppy or
    take it back to the rescue shelter. He just seems really rough and aggressive for a 4 month old puppy. He is about 20 pounds. Please send any suggestions that may help.

  • Brandon says:

    We’ve had ours for 10 years. I’ve had dogs my whole life and he is by far the best. Especially with my 4&8 yo boys. Very protective but not aggressive. If anyone has any info of someone breeding these dogs please let me know.

    • Lovemydogs says:

      You can find one at the shelter pretty easily!

    • Melanie says:

      We recently rescued a lab/pit mix from the shelter. He’s approximately 2, we neutered him and he’s the sweetest boy ever. He’s extremely loyal and loving to our family, including our other dog, a one year old female lab mix. However, I’m getting concerned that he’s protective of us to a fault… he bit a dog walking by our house a few weeks ago. Any advice on how to calm him down or socialize him? I’m honestly afraid to socialize him. He has a deep, ominous bark and likes to jump. Your advice is appreciated. As the article cautions, I don’t want him becoming too dominant.

  • Jay says:

    I have a 3 year old chocolate lab / pit bull mix and she’s absolutely the best dog I’ve ever had. Her name is olive because of her beautiful eyes. She’s so friendly and playful. When she was younger we taught her to sit, stay, handshake, balance her treat on her nose, and other small tricks. She’s definitely very smart and is the best dog ever !!

  • Cathy says:

    We adopted out lab-pit from a pit rescue group and she is a great dog. Smart, friendly and loving. My little guys lover her to death and she is gentle with them. The only aggression Penny has shown is to her stuffed hedgehog (who is now unstuffed). Very smart dog, talks back to me in an endearing manner and is so very cute.

    • A & J says:

      Our Cara was similar… in fact, when we adopted her from her mom, she didnt eat, bark or walk for two days. She was depressed but after two days the love for her mama and siblings transfered over to us… enjoy!

  • Andy says:

    We just got a Labrabull from the shelter and all I can say is WOW!!! What an amazing dog he is. I love him to death. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had. He is loving, smart, and loves to meet new people and go to the dog park and run for hours. He just graduated basic obedience and I am thinking about agility training. He is high energy, and loves to play and run. A bit stubborn at times but always good natured.

  • Peter Merrill says:

    Just got our 9 1/2 week pitador, she’s all white, and wonderfully loving. The 10 year old male Boston terrier is not happy about it, but she licks and licks until he gives up. Could not be happier. Any advice for making sure they get along would be nice.

  • Brianna says:

    I just adopted my own lab/pit mix today! His name is Jeff and he’s almost 3 years old. I was shocked to see how well mannered & attentive he is! I’ve never seen such a loving and friendly dog in my life! I couldn’t be happier to give him the good home he deserves!

  • A & J says:

    We had our precious Cara, lab pit mix for 13.75 years. She was such a teddy pup full of love. She brought us 2 yrs of terrible twos, but well worth the work because she settled down into her role in the family. She witnessed the birth of our two children and was even a tender host to another mixed lab that we rescued. Cara was always loving, attentive and we look forward to seeing her again in heaven. Cara Montano, here’s to you our precious puppy love! Only been a week and it has been tough for us here on earth! proud of you, my luvie!

  • Amy Springer says:

    We adopted a beautiful lab and pit bull mix back in January. She was living in a kennel at the vets office after her owners skipped out on the bill. She had a terrible burn all the way down her back and had clearly been mistreated. I looked for her the right home for months but my daughter and I fell in love with this precious girl. I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone ever mistreating her again . She is so funny, curious, energetic, loyal, and the smartest dog I’ve ever had. Even after all she had been through, she is the sweetest and most trusting dog. She is great with my cats and my Yorkie. We start our obedience training tonight and I know she’ll do great!

  • JAMIE says:

    I’m glad I read this. Just today I got a pit lab mix 3 week old puppy (momma stopped nursing them). I’m vegging him formula and being the best mommy I can be. My kids adore him. I’ll admit, I was a bit reluctant because of the pit in him, but since he is getting to bond so well at an early age with my kids, it is making me feel better.

  • Rachael Basye says:

    Our dog is a pit lab mix… about 4 years old now. Sometimes if he gets overexcited he’ll play too hard with our other dog. He’s pretty much afraid of the cats after getting scratched a couple times. He’s not aggressive towards us but apparently bit a person who was coming onto our property when he got out of the yard. He’s strong and can easily jump fences so we have to keep him pretty secured because he’s quite intimidating at first sight. We named him Bubbles because he is a big scary looking dog but totally a baby at heart. He’s a great watch dog and is a good deterrent for an all female household.

  • Marta says:

    I just adopted lab/ pit from shelter. He is 7 month old ( black with white collar)
    He is very sweet and loving in the house but when I take him outside to play with him in my back yard he becomes very wild and aggressive towards me jumping on me growling and try to bite me and I have to fight him to escape his behavior .Looks like 2 personalities? I am confused and ready to send him back to the shelter. What would you recomment?

  • Noe says:

    We live in the city and I’d like a dog who can deter strangers approaching the house. My local shelter has one for adoption, but he seems so friendly that I’m having doubts he will even bark at a stranger knocking at the door.

  • Los Garcia says:

    Bruno is our Labrabull. He is the same age as my youngest son, just turned 9. Bruno is a very well mannered dog and quickly understood commands from all of my five children. Yes he did have to be taught who he can trust but once that was established he is the utmost loyal dog ever. He has become the protector of my family and house. Bruno does have a skin allergy and was prescribed Tamaril for treatment. other than that no other health issues.

  • Patricia Tidd says:

    I have a 3 year old chocolate lab who may be pregnant by a brindle 15 month old pit. This was not the plan! In a month we are going to have an ultrasound to see if she is. In our minds we have been thinking of aborting if she is. After reading these I am perhaps rethinking this action.

  • Allie says:

    We are fostering a pitbull lab mix and planning to adopt her. We are fostering her because she has a heart worm and the pound is paying the medical expenses and we plan on adopting her when that goes away. We got her from the pound so she is a little scared and she is so sweet. We have gained her trust in 1 day and she got scared by the neighbor. We think he might look like her previous owner. She is very muscular and we think it might be from her trying to get off a leash outside. She has a problem with pulling on the leash but she is doing a lot better. Her name is Lara and she is very happy and has the biggest smile I have ever seen on a dog. I love her very much and I hope she loves me as much.

    She is 1 year old too.

    • JayeO says:

      Hi! My Sophia “Sophie” is a brindle colored “LabraPit”. As everyone on here keep saying… She is so sweet so smart and very gentle natured. The first week we had her after the rescue I took her paddle boarding and she loves to swim with us. I highly recommend this breed to families with children and even hamsters! LOL She’s very goofy and playful, but burns a lot of her energy at the dog park in doggy daycare. This breed will never leave your side…Very loyal. Enjoy your pups/rescues!

  • Scott says:

    We just adopted a pit/lab mix. The info said lab/retriever mix but there is no way. I am so happy I came across your site. She’s 9 months to a year old and was a little nervous, but so far so good. She has been great so far!

  • DeAnna Scofield says:

    Our Molly is a rescue puppy. And she is the smartest and most obedient dog we have ever had. She isn’t rambunctious but loves to play when engaged. She trained faster than any other animal we’ve had, including potty training, and all of the usual commands. SHE LISTENS so well. She loves to play fetch and hunt…she can sniff out the smallest of targets I send out and bring them back with ease. Not to mention she is beautiful and so sweet, people comment on how beautiful of a dog she is all of the time and ask what breed she is. Everyone wants her after they meet her. Lol Lab/Pitt all the way.

  • Jackie says:

    I’ve had dogs all of my life, all different breeds. By FAR, the pit/lab mix is the BEST of all. My daughter and I got our Nemo from the trunk of a car displaying a “FREE PUPPIES” sign, in a Walmart parking lot. We guessed he was 5 weeks old, or so. He lived 11 years, and died from a broken heart, 8 weeks to the day after my son died. Our guy was so in tune with the family, sensitive to everything each of us felt. He cried tears when we cried. He smiled when we smiled. From my experience, with our baby, this breed will truly become a member of the family.

    Nemo adopted my Grandson the day he came home from the hospital. He slept at the foot of his bed, or at his door, and alerted us when the baby started to wake up. When the baby cried Nemo was right at his side, always trying to calm him. As my Grandson grew, Nemo ‘protected’ him from the other dogs by sitting between my toddler Grandson and our other dogs, just to make sure nobody got too close. Mind you Nemo wasn’t being aggressive toward the other dogs, he was quietly posting himself as the buffer between the baby, and anything else in the room. Nemo was my Grandson’s best BEST friend! Nemo stayed alive (at the emergency vet), until he could say goodbye to his best friend. After kisses from my Grandson, and after we left the room, despite all the doctor’s were doing to save our boy, his heart stopped for the second, and last time.

    Nemo was the most patient and loving guy. This breed is the most wonderful. Even with our other dogs, three of them, the house isn’t the same without our Nemo. Don’t misunderstand, I love all of my dogs as my furkids, each is an individual and appreciated greatly; however!, they aren’t Nemo. 🙁

    Nemo is still loved, dearly, by all who met him. People he didn’t know were just friends he had not met, yet. But if he didn’t know you, don’t come in the house without a proper introduction. He was protective without being aggressive.

    I could go on and on…

    I don’t think Nemo was unique, I think he is the breed standard. What a wonderful mixed breed.

  • Angela H. says:

    We’ve had two pit/labs, Waffles and now Scout. Waffles was only with us for a few short months but she was a dear. Not the brightest bulb in the box but so loving. We just could not keep her in the yard even if we were with her, could never let her off leash for a run or swim, so we had to rehome her. It was so difficult but she is so happy in her new home and it was perfect timing for her new Mommy.

    One of her other dogs was diagnosed with cancer just a couple months later a died shortly there after. It was like Waffles, now Missy, was there to be there for their other lab named Scooter.

    Into the present, we adopted our Scout just 3 weeks ago from a no kill shelter. He’s had a tough past that no one knows nothing about about his full history. He was found as a stray in S. California. Since adopting him he has done nothing but amaze us. He is so incredibly well behaved. People comment on how well behaved he is, on how tolerant he is of other dogs barking at him. He’s fairly easy to train. We can let him off leash when the shelter felt that he would be a flight risk because of his history as a stray. He’s gentle, loving, friendly, goofy, smart, lazy. He’s shockingly quiet,he knows when to bark which is very rarely.

    All other dogs big and tiny are potential friends, all people are potential friends unless he gets some vibe he doesn’t like then he’ll growl at them. He’s incredibly gentle with tiny humans. As I said in the beginning he just blows my mind. When we walked into that shelter I had been looking at all other large breed dogs except ones like labs, pits, retrievers, hounds, and I opened my options. We walked out with our perfect companion.

  • Ken says:

    I just adopted a lab pit mix the most loyal dog I have ever met she has been at my side since the day I let her in the house at the same time I adopted her friend a little Boston Terrier I took them both in but it’s the lab pit mix that I’ve fallen in love with

  • Lovemydogs says:

    I have a pitbull /lab mix that i took in as a rescue. Everything here describes him perfectly. He is very handsome and gets lots of compliments. He is very gentle and will never nip when you give him a treat. He is extremely smart, funny, and a little stubborn. He loves to cuddle and is great with other dogs and kids.

  • Leonard says:

    Hi,labrabull is it can be a guard dog?

  • Elizabeth R says:

    I have a question i had recently got a black lab pit mix, he was a friends dog who had him since 5 weeks old well something came up and they couldnt keep him, well we have had him for a month now my 3 kids and husband and i have fell in love with him..

    Well my land lord just broke the news to us that we had to rehome him bc his insurance company will not cover him bc he has the breed of pit in him.. So if he went and bite someone they are saying he id also reliable and can be sued right along with us..

    So im trying to find out if there is any way we can work around on keeping him but also where my land lord is not liable??!!? And he only gave me 2 days to find him a new home, but im also sad and worried bc if i have to rehome him that means my 6 month old puppy has to get use to new people or family again when he is just getting use to us!! Any advise or do i have to rehome him again???

  • Debra Kerr says:

    I just adopted a labrabull ,”FATTY”.. She is the most Wonderful dog I have ever owned .!! We have great plans for the future together . Fatty will soon be my service dog and She Is Perfect !! I love her!!

  • Geri Ungurean says:

    We rescued our “Buddy” a Black Lab/Pitt bull from the pound when he was 2. He is undoubtedly the best dog we’ve ever had. He is loving and loyal and always wants to be with us. He sleeps with us too. He is by far the smartest dog I have ever had or known. We rescued a miniature Golden at the same time. They act like they are married – always snuggling together. Sadie adores her “Buddy.” Buddy even likes our Cockatiel. This bird loves these dogs and it’s hilarious watching them. When Buddy lays on the recliner, Zeke (Cockatiel) flies over and gets as close as he can to Buddy. Buddy tolerates Zeke for a while but then jumps down from the chair. We are so bless with these furry and feathered friends!

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