The Boxerdoodle (Boxer Poodle Mix) Is A Real Thing: Is Your Mind Blown?

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BoxerdoodleThe Boxerdoodle is a cross of a purebred Boxed and a purebred Poodle, also known as the Boxerpoo or Boxer Poodle Mix. This crossbreed comes in three sizes: small, medium, or large, depending on the size of the parent Poodle. The lifespan of the Boxerdoodle is around 10 to 12 years.

If you’re annoyed of all the over-marketed designer dogs out there, the Boxerdoodle might be the breed of your dreams. Keep reading to find out if that so!

What The Heck Is A Boxerdoodle?

Boxerdoodle outside

That’s the first question that popped up in my mind. From the name, we can gather that it’s a cross between a Boxer and a Poodle.

The Boxer Poodle mix is a designer dog that was bred to have a low-shedding coat and the winning personalities of each parent. But we’ll get to its temperament a bit later.

This rare mix is of German descent, just like the Poodle and Boxer. Some argue that the Poodle originated in France in the 1500s, but the Germans quickly swooped in and adopted its name, Pfudel, into their language.

Despite its parents’ rich histories, the Boxer Poodle Mix was only developed within the last two decades. It’s very much a new breed.

What Does A Boxerdoodle Look Like?

We all recognize the sweet demeanor of a Boxer. Now, take that innocent expression and combine it with the curly-ish coat of a Poodle.

This mix typically carries the sturdy and muscular stature of a Boxer.

To determine the size of a Boxerdoodle, we must first look at the Poodle genes. Poodles come in three main sizes: standard, mini, and toy.

But due to the size of the Boxer, 22 – 25 inches (57 – 63 cm), we can conclude that all Boxer Poodle mixes will be on the larger side.

The average size of a Poodle Boxer is between 10 – 25 inches (25.5 – 63.5 cm) at the shoulder. So yes, there’s quite a margin.

The same goes for the weight. It’s roughly between 12 – 70 pounds (5 – 32 kg). I know that seems like a vague estimate, but it all depends on the size of the Poodle.

This breed can come in many different coat colors: solid tan, black, red, or brindle.

And did you know there are three different types of water-repellent coats?

  • Short and thick
  • Long and wavy
  • Very curly

As mentioned above the average lifespan on a Boxerdoodle is between 10 – 12 years.

Get To Know Its Winning Personality

The Boxer, by nature, is a devoted, friendly, and fearless dog with a playful spirit.

The Poodle, which is also an active breed, is most commonly known for its intelligence and easy training ability.

So, one can predict that the Boxerdoodle would take on the personality of both its parents. This mix is described as friendly, loyal, and extremely loving.

It’s the winning temperament of the Boxer Poodle Mix that makes it a great family dog. This breed does well around children of all ages and other animals.

The Boxerdoodle is naturally protective and occasionally barks when something doesn’t feel right or when someone is threatening the safety of a home.

The Working Boxer Poodle Mix

Boxerdoodle sitting with other dogs

Boxerdoodle in the middle – image source

The combination of intelligence, protectiveness, and friendliness makes the Boxer Poodle Mix a top therapy dog.

Police have also been known to use them in their field work, as their dark coat makes them harder to see at night and they’re large enough to take down most predators.

It’s no wonder many families choose this breed as a watchdog or guard dog.

It makes total sense that the Boxerdoodle would belong to the Working group, but what exactly does that mean?

Working group dogs are quick to learn, strong, watchful, and alert at all times. They were originally bred to assist people in their work duties, including protecting property, pulling sleds, and performing water rescues.

With A Great Dog, Comes Great Responsibility

Boxer breed dog is lies looking on something


In order to perform such superhero tasks, the Boxerdoodle must be taken care of properly.

Grooming: luckily for you, this mix is considered hypoallergenic and sheds minimally. It’s a great choice for owners with allergies. The grooming part is easy.

Exercise: this is where a Boxerdoodle takes work. This dog has a high energy level that requires daily exercise. It loves to run around at full-speed in an open space.

If you live in an apartment, your pup will adapt to smaller spaces… only if you take it for long walks or to the dog park to release all its energy before going home.

The last thing you want is a hyperactive Boxer Poodle Mix in a cramped apartment. Broken dishes and toilet paper everywhere!

Training: this should be easy for such a bright dog. However, the Boxerdoodle’s sensitivity does not respond well to harsh treatment.

Physical punishment can result in a rough and stubborn dog.

Instead, practice positive reinforcement with treats and rewards. That’s how they learn best with a patient, fair, and confident owner.

It’s also a good idea to begin socialization early.

Feeding: the Boxerdoodle typically eats between 2 ½ – 3 cups each day. If you expect your dog to perform strength and agility tasks, it must be given a high protein diet, consisting mainly of fish and chicken.

Very young poodle standing on the grass in the summer


Ready To Adopt A Boxerdoodle?

Most designer dogs tend to be on the pricier side, so prepare for that. Poodle Boxer puppies are also hard to come by, and because they’re so rare, their price goes up to $1,200 – 1,500.

There is no official website for Boxerdoodle adoptions or breeders, so your best bet is to go through PuppyFind, BlueRidge Boxer Rescue, or Next Day Pets.

If you can’t find the exact breed you’re looking for, consider these similar dogs. They’re all winners!

To learn more about living with a Boxer, watch the video below.

A Rare Dog Needs An Unique Owner

The Boxerdoodle isn’t for everyone. It’s a bigger dog with lots of energy, so you can see where some people would be turned off.

That being said, this mix has a big heart with lots of love to give both children and adults.

Policemen love this dog, parents love this dog, and I love this dog after learning more about it. How about you? Could you take home a Boxerdoodle? Comment below!

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