The Corgi & Golden Retriever Mix Is About To Melt Your Heart

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Golden Retriever Corgi Mix is a cross of a Golden Retriever and a Corgi, also known as Golden Corgi or Corgi Retriever. It’s a medium-size dog at about 10 to 18 inches tall, weighing anywhere between 30 to 75 pounds. Golden Corgies average lifespan is around 10 to 14 years.

I put this article together to go over the facts and characteristics of the Golden Retriever and Corgi Mix so you can find out if this your perfect match. Let’s go!

Meet The Corgi: English Royalty

I’m not kidding when I saw the Corgi is treated as English royalty.

It’s been a part of their history for eight whole decades, from Queen Elizabeth II to her parents, and so on for multiple generations.

In April of 2018, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth’s last Corgi, Willow, died of old age at 15. And the world was in tears.

There’s a lot to love about this silly-looking dog, with its long body, short legs, and stiff bat ears.

Corgi panting outside in the sun on the grass

CorgiThe typical Corgi temperament is bold, fearless, and protective toward strangers, but friendly, playful, and affectionate with loved ones.

As mentioned above the average weight of a full-grown dog is between 30 – 75 pounds (13 – 34 kg). Its height ranges from 10 – 18 inches (25 – 45 cm).

As cute as the Corgi is, its iconic back comes with a serious health concern: intervertebral disc disease, which can cause muscle spasms, difficulty walking, and a burst spinal column.

Purebreds have also been known to experience hip dysplasia and epilepsy, which is unfortunately common in other breeds as well.

The lifespan of a Corgi, as I pointed out above, ranges from 10 – 14 years, but as you heard previously, Queen Elizabeth got 15 years out of Willow. RIP.

Meet The Golden Retriever: An American Classic

Golden Retriever panting outside in the sun

Golden Retriever

Technically speaking, the Golden Retriever first established roots in the United Kingdom (England and Scotland) where it was used primarily as a gun dog.

However, this loveable creature has become an American staple in pop culture with movies such as Air Bud, Homeward Bound, Napoleon, and more.

Want more proof? Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog in the United States.

This breed’s temperament is a real winner: friendly, social, intelligent, and trustworthy. All the things you’d want in a family dog with young children around.

The Golden Retriever reaches a weight of 55 – 76 pounds (25 – 36 kg) and a height of 20 – 24 inches (51 – 61 cm).

The major health concerns to look out for are lymphoma, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy (similar to the Corgi’s illnesses).

This dog’s lifespan ranges from 10 – 13 years.

It’s Time To Mix Things Up

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix living its best life on a boat

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix – Image Source

OK, now that we’re familiar with the parent breeds, what can we expect from the Corgi Golden Retriever Mix?

Its personality will be a blend of fearless from the Corgi side and sweetness from the Retriever side.

In most cases, the weight and height of this mix will reflect the build of a Corgi, so you can expect it to be short and long. The head shape will come from the Retriever.

As mentioned previously, the health issues of its parent breeds are almost identical.

There’s a chance your Corgi Golden Retriever Mix will experience hip (maybe also elbow) dysplasia and seizures during its life.

The biggest and most serious illness is the Corgi’s back injury.

I read that fish oil supplements can help with a dog’s overall health. Omega-3s are good for people, too!

Based on its parents’ lifespans, the Golden Retriever Corgi Mix should live between 10 – 14 years.

Golden Retrievers only come in one coat color (hence their name), but when mixed with a Corgi, we can get a blend of:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Brindle

Other Corgi Mixes You Might Like

Are you interested in learning about some other Corgi crosses? I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s a bunch!

  • Corgidor – Labrador/Corgi
  • Corgherd – Australian Shepherd/Corgi
  • Corman Shepherd – German Shepherd/Corgi
  • Horgi – Siberian Husky/Corgi
  • Corgitian – Dalmatian/Corgi
  • Corgipoo – Poodle/Corgi
  • Dorgi – Dachshund/Corgi
  • Chigi – Chihuahua/Corgi
Black and white Horgi puppy with one blue eye

Horgi – Image Source

How To Care For This Mixed Breed

The grooming of a Corgi Golden Retriever is pretty low-maintenance.

Give it some baths here and there (but not too many or it will dry out the skin), and brush its coat every other month to avoid excessive shedding around the house.

This mix is not “hypoallergenic.”

The grooming part is effortless. It’s the exercise part that takes dedication.

Give your Corgi German Shepherd Mix at least one hour of physical activity every day. This can be long walks, hikes, and swimming.

Corgis and Golden Retrievers have a natural attraction to water, so it should be safe to play with their mix in the pool.

Remember, a tired dog is a good dog that won’t become restless and tear up the house.

With the Golden Retriever’s intelligence, this mix is easy to train. My tip is to break down training lessons into shorter session to keep the dog’s attention.

The Retriever’s athleticism means it loves to please and lives for a physical challenge, but the Corgi’s protectiveness means this mix needs to be socialized at an early age.

And lastly, there’s the feeding. Did you know that approximately 56% of American dogs are overweight?

Many pet owners are now switching to the Raw Food Diet to prevent obesity, increase energy levels, and maintain a healthier dog overall.

Just be cautious of the bacteria that live in raw meat. It can make humans and animals sick.

Start feeding your Corgi Golden Retriever Mix with two cups a day and adjust from there if it’s too much or too little.

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix resting its head on the couch

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix – Image Source

Ready To Bring Home A Corgi Golden Retriever Mix?

The pricing of this breed is all over the board, but hopefully, this will help.

Purebred Corgis range from $600 – $1000.

Purebred Golden Retriever ranges from $500 – $3000 (depending on its genes and how the puppies were bred).

From what I’ve read online, many owners have asked why their Corgi Golden Retriever puppy was so expensive, so I’m guessing that it was in the $1000 range.

If you’re interested in adopting or rescuing a Corgi Golden Retriever Mix, check out these adoption sites: Dogs Only, Adopt-A-Pet, and Puppy Finder.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found an official breeder website for Corgi Golden Retriever Mixes specifically.

However, you can always visit Greenfield Puppies for other Golden Retriever Mixes. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find some Corgi genes mixed in.

Is This Mix Right For You?

Before shopping for a Corgi & Golden Retriever Mix, ask yourself some fundamental questions.

  • Do I have the time to properly socialize this dog?
  • Do I have the money if a medical issue arises?
  • Do I have the energy to keep up with an active dog?

If you answered yes, then this breed might be perfect for you!

Comment below if you’ve fallen in love with the Corgi Golden Retriever Mix!

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