Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can get you the canine friend you’ve always wanted!

Some purebreds and a lot of designer dogs carry a hefty price tag. Though, this is not a concern for those who are willing to share their lavish lifestyle with their fur babies and spoil them well.

Whether you’re on the search to buy a fido to treat like a prince or princess, or you’re just curious what top of the line breeds and how much people are paying for them, this list of the priciest pooches will satisfy both.


#10 Pharaoh Hound ($5,000+)

Pharaoh Hound
Also known as Rabbit or Blushing Dogs, Pharaohs originated in Ancient Egypt and is the national hound of Malta. You can see the trail of royalty with the way they carry themselves – with grace and elegance.

They excel at hunting, too. Pharaoh Hounds got their nickname as the Maltese people were amazed at how agile, powerful, swift, and intelligent this breed is when chasing down bunnies. This sleek-looking canine is an obedient hunter with a desire to please its owner.

Another unique quality about Pharaohs is that they won’t hide their endearing blush whenever they get excited and really happy! Their nose and the inside of their ears turn rosy pink! Nothing’s wrong with them, it’s just because of the lack of black pigment in their skin.

Not only are they one of the oldest breeds that still exist, but they’re also extremely rare because they’re only bred in Malta. It’s no wonder that the Egyptian Pharaoh Hound is expensive.

#9 Akita Inu ($5,500+)

When you think of the Akita Inu, you can imagine warm coats, fluffy tails, sheer power, and a whole lot of courage.

Although they’re a native of the blustery Japanese mountain regions, they’re now famous and spread throughout the world. They developed the dedication and obedience that makes them a successful show dog, as well as the comforting calmness needed to be a therapy dog.

Akitas tend to have a strong attachment to their owners that they often become aloof with strangers. Even if they’re independent, they also make an excellent best friend to kids. So you can count on this breed as a loyal, protective guardian. That is a priceless quality that anyone would love in a dog.

It’s essential to teach an Akita Inu that not all strangers are dangerous by socialization and introducing them to different environments.

#8 Chow Chow ($5,000+)

Chow ChowReferred to as the “Puffy Lion Dog” in northern China, the lineage of Chow Chows can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, where they were used for hunting. Nowadays, they can be useful in sports, as guard dogs, and as a fashionable pet.

Chows stand out due to their unique plushy, warm coat, a blue tongue, their stilted gait, and scowling expression.

Some say that this breed doesn’t only come with a high price, but the cost of owning one really adds up to the bill.

There’s no denying the beauty and intelligence of this canine, but it can be a little stubborn if it’s not paired with a dominant master. You may treat your Chow as a furry baby, but with socialization and house rules, you can avoid him or her from turning into a spoiled brat.

#7 Tibetan Mastiff ($5,000+)

Tibetan Mastiff

The large and powerful Tibetan Mastiff was once used by Central Asian nomadic tribes to protect their livestock from predators. But they’re also devoted. That means that this canine would likely walk a thousand miles through the snow to save its owner. One of the main reasons behind the price tag of this dog.

Did you know that there was a Red Tibetan Mastiff named “Big Splash” that was bought for $1.5M in 2011? There was another one that was sold recently for $2M!

If you’re looking for a four-legged friend who would protect you, this is one breed fitting for the job. Even today, this Mastiff will carry all of its 160-pound (73 kg) weight with a sense of nobility and importance, day in and day out.

With their enormous size, it’s understandable why Tibetan Mastiffs will use their intelligence and stubbornness to think they’re in charge, even during training!

One thing’s for sure: A Tibetan Mastiff will always have your back.

#6 Rottweiler ($5,000+)


Rottweilers are famous for being employed in different jobs. Being multi-talented, they can be police dogs, herders, therapy dogs, and service dogs. They are a hardworking German breed known for their protective instinct that can turn vicious when there’s a threat.

Also called Rottie, this cute furball isn’t just tough, but also intelligent! With proper and early training, they can excel in obedience and learn to use aggression only when it’s appropriate.

Before you bring your Rottweiler into action, you should be aware that big canines are prone to hip and joint problems.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line Rotties, one that serves as an all-around dog that is powerful in mind and body, some of these pups can cost up to $8,000.

#5 Canadian Eskimo ($6,000+)

Canadian Eskimo

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is not as common as you’d think, so you won’t find many of them walking around these days. As the name implies, this is one of the oldest dog breeds and the rarest North American indigenous purebred canine alive today. That alone can explain the steep price.

Also known as qimmit or qimmiq (the term for “dog” in Inuit language), this Arctic pooch is a hard worker, athletic, and is protective of its owner. Since they’re bred for work, the Canadian Eskimo knows no weekend.

#4 English Bulldog ($6,000+)

English Bulldog

Now, who can forget the infamously chubby appearance of this breed? The British or English Bulldog is a rowdy rascal with a bad reputation that this pooch does not deserve. They may have ancestors who are fierce oxen herders, but with the right training, their huge, gentle heart will love any home and owner.

Even if its musculature makes him walk in a shuffle or awkward way, this bully is very much unaware of the damage it could inflict.

This type of Bulldog (even the Mini English Bulldog) still costs a large sum of money being one of the most popular canines in America. Some say that another reason is that they’re brought into this world via cesarean section due to their large heads.

#3 Alsatian or German Shepherd ($6,500+)


Originally bred as an intelligent sheepherder, the German Shepherd (a.k.a. Alsatian in Europe) has retained his intelligence but lost his sheep.

Now that he spends his time in backyards instead of open fields, he loyally protects his human companions. This compassionate dog uses his intelligence for good, holding down jobs in the police force, military, and search-and-rescue parties.

The versatile German Shepherd can be a lot of things, and you will pay for his talent.

#2 Lowchen (up to $9,000)


First popular among the nobility in the Renaissance, Lowchens are also known as the German “little lion” dog that is featured in many portraits from yesteryear. Their plushy, impressive “mane” is emphasized by being groomed with a lion-like haircut – a short coat at the hindquarters and tufts around the ankles, face, and tail.

This rare dog is swift and agile, but not competitive unless he participates in the Friend Olympics. He is cheery, comical, outgoing, and loves to make new friends. This small fido is a power-packed punch. Even with a steep price tag, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

#1 Samoyed (up to $12,000)


The one-of-a-kind, white-coated, black-lipped, smiling Samoyed is all too familiar with the cold Siberian winters. In fact, as a former sled dog and reindeer herder, he thrives in the cold with his water-resistant coat.

Like his sled dog ancestors, he playfully competes with others, and remains tireless and alert no matter the circumstances. He is a loving companion, great with children, and loves to exercise. A sled and some snow may come in handy with this perky pup!

There’s a reason why they’re the most expensive dog breeds

Of course, prices depend on bloodlines, locality, and age of the dog. But due to their uniqueness and popularity, these ten posh pups are sure to break the bank.

We should also consider the expenses and efforts of the breeders in making sure that their breeding stock and puppies are top-notch.

Before you resign to a rent-a-pup service, remember that these dogs will make one-of-a-kind lifelong companions.

If we missed a breed that’s also expensive, let us know what dog it is and how much they cost!

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